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September 2020

I don’t have to tell you; the world is at a crossroads. The government can’t fix the problem; religion will only make it worse. Only the people of God can turn this around. In fact, the body of Christ needs to act now! No one wants to see what is coming next if they continue to be passive.

This letter is a call to action. I am providing a link for you to receive a free download of my latest book, God’s Wisdom for a Fair and Just World!

This book is very time-sensitive. Please read it immediately. Then share it with everyone on your email list and all your social media outlets.
Here are some things to consider:

I would prefer that you send people the link to the landing page to download the book.

  • Please send the link with a personal note to everyone you know, especially people who have influence and are willing to use it!
    • Tell them why you think this book is important to America.
    • Ask everyone you share it with to share with all their outlets.
    • We will not attempt to raise funds from those who respond. All we ask is that they pass it along to as many as possible.
    • This way, we can send them a few encouragements and instructions.
    • Those who go to the landing page can download the book, even if they choose not to provide an email address. We are not trying to build our mailing list, but we would like to know who wants to work together to save our nation.
  • Feel free to post short statements and quotes from the book on all your social media outlets. But please, always post this link to the book landing page:
  • If pastors ask, this does not violate their 501c3. This is not supporting a candidate or party. This is about supporting people who stand for God’s Word.
    • Over the years, many pastors have asked how I dealt with political issues without causing strife in my church. It’s simple: I always encourage our people to vote on the basis of biblical truth, not parties. I always approached it as discipleship. 

This book may be a little shocking for many people. However, when we call ourselves Christian, that should be reflected in every area of life management, especially political decisions.

This current Cancel Culture is a form of domestic terrorism. Believers are afraid to share their point of view for fear of losing a few friends. We must realize it will be better to lose a few friends than to lose our nation and all our religious freedoms.

Proverbs 29:25 reminds us, The fear of man brings a snare, But whoever trusts in the Lord shall be safe. God is our strength, not man. If we do not stand for morals, values, and ethics our entire nation will be caught in a snare. As the body of Christ, we are the only ones who actually have the solutions. This is our chance to save our nation!

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P.S. Be sure to join me each week for CyberChurch. All of September, we will be exploring The Justice of God!