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November 2014 World Changer Letter

October has been a great month… full… exhausting… exhilarating… but full! Earlier in the month I was with my friend, Pastor Kelvin Easter, and his wonderful church in Chicago. Then as soon as I got back from Chicago we went straight into the Heart Physics for Health and Healing Seminar. Man! That was a great weekend! I have been so longing to have the opportunity to share these biblical principles for health and healing with you! This is some of the most biblically-based teaching for health and healing you will ever hear! I believe it is going to change the quality of life for people all over the world.
When a believer couples this with the 30-day Living Healthy Heart Physics module they will have the heart tools and the biblical nutritional insight to not only live healthy and overcome disease, but also enter into the realm of divine health. In modern terms we call that “prevention.”
This week I am heading off to Charlotte, NC to teach a class for their online school, record a program for their international broadcast, and have a mentoring session with those who come to their studio for personal mentoring. We will touch hundreds of thousands of people through this broadcast. I so appreciate people like Sid Roth, Bob & Audrey Meisner, Leon Fontaine, and others who share their platform for ministry with us! It is all part of our plan to reach one billion people with this message of grace, peace, faith righteousness, and unconditional love!
November looks like it will be as busy and productive as October. I will be recording national programs with My New Day TV and then flying directly to Dallas to appear live on TBN Nov. 11th. After that I’ll be off to Hagersville, Ontario with Chief Larry Sault for a seminar and the launch of a new television program. Then I’ll wrap up my travel for the year in Atlanta, GA for a weekend seminar with Clint Byars, an IISOM graduate. Then the most exiting of all…
In December I will be here in Huntsville concentrating on my upcoming book. I want people to know how to overcome not only in the challenging days that lay ahead, but also in the end time, should it come in our lifetime. If it doesn’t come in our lifetime, we will know how to prepare our children. As you know, the key is the ability to hear the voice of God in our heart, trust completely in God’s truth, have our faith rooted in the finished work of Jesus, and live free from fear.
Just this morning the Lord reminded me of Joshua. As you know from some of my recent teaching, when the children of Israel went into Canaan there were still giants in the land. Amazingly, at 80 years old Joshua and Caleb defeated the giants in Canaan. David, a shepherd boy, killed Goliath with a sling. We can be “giant killers” if we trust in the power of the living God! I intend for this book to be one of the most positive, biblically-based, non-sensational books about facing and winning against the enemy now and in the end! Plus, I believe I will help clear up so much of the confusion that has been passed down from religious tradition about the end times!
Pray for me. Speak blessings, wisdom, and health over me as I take this incredible Word to the ends of the Earth. I will be praying and speaking blessings over you as you take the gospel to your world and make it possible to send it to the entire world through your giving. Because of you, my World Changers Family, I am able to take an uncompromising message to the entire world. Because of you we are changing the way the entire world sees God!
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