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This same message of the Kingdom is offered to us today. This Kingdom message holds forth a promise of a life better than anything we had ever heard, anything we had ever seen or anything we had ever imagined. The Holy Spirit will teach us what we need to know, He will lead us into this incredible realm, if only we will surrender our personal agendas, cultural concepts and embrace the teachings of our Lord and Savior! (1 Cor. 2:9-10).

As new believers we are to renew our mind. (Rom 12:2). It is the top priority for the new convert. This is a process where we throw off our former way of thinking. We surrender our every thought, opinion and preference to the teaching of the Lord Jesus. In the early days of faith, we should embrace a new set of values and standards. Our life paradigm should shift from that which was imposed upon us by our culture, to the view and opinion of God. Maybe no one has to renew his or her mind more than the leader. We are called to lead people to live this Kingdom life. We are called to build churches that accomplish the agenda of the King, while following the principles He set forth. Our leadership style, regardless of the gifting, must be motivated by Kingdom values and goals!

This realm called the Kingdom of God is entered into by the values and beliefs that drive our decisions. When we harmonize our motives and goals with those of the Lord Jesus, we harmonize with the life and power of God. We experience God’s power for God’s goals. We experience the righteous peace and joy of the Holy Spirit regardless of external circumstances. When we work our own agendas, we simply succeed by the sweat of our brow. Kingdom living makes no sense to the carnal mind. And Kingdom leadership probably makes even less sense! The carnal mind has spent a lifetime developing values and life strategies. It has created methods for survival and success that it trusts more than it trusts the principles of God. In this very struggle, the teaching of Jesus are fulfilled, “Through your traditions (culture) you make the word of God of no effect.” (Mk 7:13). Many success stories are simply great natural ability that meets the world’s standards, but does little to further the goals of the Kingdom. It looks like success and godliness but denies the power thereof! Read Entire Article

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