Indecision is an incurable disease.

All actions or inactions are a statement of what we believe.Medical doctors call high blood pressure the silent killer. In the spiritual, physical, and emotional realm, indecision is our silent killer. Because indecision doesn’t appear to be an active step, it seems harmless; however, indecision is, in fact, an active statement of unbelief that says, “God, I do not trust you or your Word enough to actually take any action.” All actions or inactions are a statement of what we believe. It is the outward expression, i.e., the fruit of our faith.

As a counselor, I have seen people’s emotional and physical energy change simply because they made a decision. This also has a profound effect on our mental capacities. It is the people knocking who have doors of opportunity swing open before them. It is those who are searching that find the incredible treasures of life. All those treasures and opportunities are always there, but those who passively wait for God to make the decisions cannot see them. Ecclesiastes 9:1 points out that “time and chance” (success or good outcomes) are present for everyone; some people see and seize the opportunity others never notice!I

Maybe it’s time you get “all in” with God. Don’t wait for things to “change internally” before you make your decision; when you make your decision, things will internally change. Don’t wait until you understand to make your decision to fully trust and follow God; when you believe and make a decision, your understanding will come. Consider praying this: Jesus, I believe God raised you from the dead, conquering all the curse, all that stood against me. I am in you, I am one with you; all that is yours is mine. I refuse to remain stuck in indecision. Bring me to the place where I see you as my source in all situations.”

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