Imperfect People, Perfect Lives

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The most devastating thing that can happen to a human being is to lose their sense of purpose and destiny. Proverbs tells us without a vision we cast off restraint or run wild. Having a sense of purpose and destiny is our vision; it gives us physical, emotional and spiritual energy and strength. It sustains our boundaries and protects us from self-destruction.

In this series, I share six life stories of the most influential people who ever served God. Each of them struggled through personal failures, corrupt beliefs or devastating circumstances that would have stolen their destiny; yet, they all had one thing in common that guarded their heart. I want you to learn the one factor that empowered each of them to overcome their circumstances, restore themselves to God, and reconnect to their destiny! In this series you’ll discover:

  • God passionately wants and needs you connected to your call and destiny
  • Destiny and purpose empowers you to break free from your weaknesses
  • God will meet you in your secret place and breathe your destiny into your own heart
  • God will draw you into His heart and then launch you into a life of purpose
  • Losing your sense of destiny is one of the most spiritually-dangerous things that can happen
  • Every part of your life falls into place when you live for your divine purpose
  • And much, much more…
The Ultimate Revelation of God

Destiny and purpose are intimately entwined with hope: the confident expectation of good. Hope is the anchor for our emotions and healthy thoughts. NO MATTER WHAT YOU’VE DONE GOD STILL WANTS YOU TO LIVE YOUR DESTINY! If you lose or never develop a sense of destiny life will be mere existence, there will be no passion for life, no internal boundaries, and no motivation!

This series will give you insight into how to discover or recover your life’s purpose. It will give you hope to overcome and outlive your failures. It will give you the secrets of the greatest people of faith who have ever lived!


1. The Most Important Decision of Your Life

by Dr. Jim Richards | Imperfect People, Perfect Lives

2. The Sin Job Didn't Commit

by Dr. Jim Richards | Imperfect People, Perfect Lives

3. Connecting to the Heart of God

by Dr. Jim Richards | Imperfect People, Perfect Lives

4. Recovering Your Destiny

by Dr. Jim Richards | Imperfect People, Perfect Lives