Quote for Blog 13 - 021616If we knew how to make the promises of God come to pass we would have already done it! One of our greatest fears is the unknown. More than anything else, the intellectual mind seeks to preserve our ego. Ego is the false identity we have established through our own opinions, skills and being “right.” Any time we are proven wrong it is a death to self. In order to keep this false self alive we only do that which we already know how to do or we refuse to make a decision until we are sure we can preserve our ego.

God wants us to have better than we have ever seen, heard or imagined. This is a life beyond the reach of the natural mind. Since faith is nothing more than trust, it gets down to this: do I really believe that through Christ God has already given me everything for a great life? If I believe that; I can make a decision to have the life and blessings of God simply because that is what He promised. Click here to discover more about The Supernatural Power of Making Decisions!

Making godly decisions moves us into a realm called the Kingdom of God. In this realm we access all the resources of God; plus, godly decisions open our heart to the leadership of the Holy Spirit. Once we make the sincere decision, trusting God, He not only provides the resources, He leads us along the perfect path.

SHOP-imageAs you’ll discover in this week’s CyberChurch message, God is Waiting on You, failure to make decisions creates a default to the world’s system. In the absence of God’s provision and leadership we are dependent on the natural flow of the corrupt world’s system. To have the outcome God promised Kingdom living requires personal, daily, faith-based decisions. Every decision determines if we will move in this realm of the Kingdom or in the world’s system.