The problem is we are attempting to lead God rather than allowing Him  to lead us.

For most of the last two hundred years Americans have been praying for revival or at least for our definition of it. Like everything else people want me to pray and agree with them on I have to first ask, “What is your definition of revival?” This is another one of those places where our paradigm keeps us from seeing what God is really trying to do.

God is always moving to the degree that mankind cooperates. The problem is we are attempting to lead God rather than allowing Him to lead us. Once we have a paradigm built on our opinions of what revival should look like we can no longer see what God is doing in the earth and we will not follow Him in how He wants to move in the earth at this time.

History has proven that traditional concepts of revival seldom produce any measurable, sustainable results in a city or nation. The greatest moves of God are not seen in sweeping public outreaches, they are seen in one-on-one and house-to-house ministry. I’m not saying the established local church isn’t important, but believers have done with church exactly what citizens have done with government: relinquished their personal responsibilities to the professional.

If you really want to see God move in the world give up your opinion of how it needs to happen and let God be God. Instead of praying for God to fulfill your paradigm open your heart to follow where and how He leads. But most importantly, if you are more passionate about God moving in others than you are about Him moving in you, your passion is very misplaced. You be the revival you want to see in the world!
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