Quote for Blog - 071416Stopping any problem only happens effectively when we know with what we’re going to replace it. Sometimes planning to start something is the only path to stopping something destructive. For instance, every time you start to criticize, replace it with something positive. When you’re tired, instead of drinking caffeine, take a power nap or do a one-minute meditation. With what will you replace worry?

God wants us to live in peace, but peace isn’t just a tranquil state of mind. The Greek word for “peace” is much like the Hebrew word for peace. They can both mean “healing, prosperity, having your needs met, as well as a tranquil mind.”

God’s peace is a tranquil state of mind that comes from knowing every need is met in Jesus! When I find myself getting stressed about money, I quickly remind myself of God’s promise to provide. Then I imagine what it will look and feel like when the need is fully met. I allow gratitude to flood my mind and acknowledge the end that I’ve seen. In seconds the stress leaves and I’m resting in the promise!

This week in CyberChurch we will fill our hearts with God’s intention, desire and nature to be our Provider! Join me as we take another step into the peace of God for provision. To join tens of thousands of people around the world now as we discover more about New Covenant Provision, click here.