Jesus taught that after we believe we should not doubt, i.e. waver between two opinions.Jesus taught that after we believe we should not doubt, i.e. waver between two opinions. The Bible tells us after having done all to stand put on the armor of God, which are all metaphors for how we manage our beliefs and emotions. It says we should not faint, endure till the end, not grow weary and a host of other exhortations. All these could probably be condensed to this concept: establish and guard your heart!

Jesus didn’t say the moment you believe in your heart the desired result will manifest in the physical world. He said it would manifest. But I can assure you of this, the moment you believe something in your heart, the end result manifests in your emotions as if it has already come into your physical realm! Faith that is active in the heart is proof of ownership or what the Bible calls the deed to the thing you have been hoping for! When you have the deed, you know the property is yours even though you have never seen it with your eyes!

People of faith know how to stand in the gap between the promise and the manifestation with a real sense of owning the promise; after all, they possess the deed. JOIN ME this week and sink your roots deeper into immovable confidence.

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