Quote for Blog - 080916Reconciling what seems to be two different images of God from the Old to the New Testament will be one of the most important theological discoveries most believers will ever make. At first glance it looks as if the Old Testament God was angry and full of wrath, but Jesus is sweet, kind and merciful. This is exactly the lie Luciferian doctrine seeks to perpetuate. Until we see God and Jesus as One, we will always struggle with confusion.

John said, and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory. The Greek translation for Word is the word logos. This word has to do with all that God ever said, along with His intentions and motives. Mankind had always been confused about God. They had been deceived by the religious interpretations of spiritual leaders who eventually led them into idolatry and exile from their land. They were not qualified to interpret God’s Word or to show us how it was applied.

Jesus was the human form of all God had ever said. In His teachings, conduct, death, burial and resurrection we have the opportunity to see God’s Word interpreted and applied as God intended from the beginning. Since Jesus said to hang all the law on loving God, loving others and loving ourselves, we know that any interpretation of God’s Word that does not accomplish those objectives is not the truth.

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