Faith is deeply rooted in what we believe about God’s account of the creation of the human race!Faith is deeply rooted in what we believe about God’s account of the creation of the human race! It is nearly impossible to be stable in all the other facets of faith if we waver on this.

First, since God created man in His own likeness and image, it is obvious that we have a free will, i.e. we have freedom of choice. Therefore, to think that God makes man believe anything is contrary to what we know about God’s account of man. Second, since God gave authority of Planet Earth to man, God will not and cannot move in Planet Earth apart from moving through mankind!

We choose our beliefs; we choose what we will trust and not trust about God. So by definition we can limit God or we can loose God in our lives. The nation of Israel, which serves as an example to us who believe, enjoyed limited and partial victories because they limited the Holy One of Israel (Psalm 78:41)! This same inconsistency of victory is the fruit of our limiting God!

Israel’s limitations were seen in winning some battles and losing others. It was also seen in their quality of life. They could have had wheat instead of just manna when traveling through the wilderness; they could have had honey from the rock instead of just water (Psalm 81:16).

Any area where we do not experience the promises of God, or any area where we are living in any part of the curse, is where we are limiting God. In other words, God is offering but we are not receiving. Sadly, most Christians would rather change what they believe about God than face the reality of personal responsibility and personal faith. We are like Job; we are more than willing to condemn God so that we can remain righteous in our own eyes (Job 40:8).

JOIN ME this week and begin making a journey of removing limitations from your faith. Personal responsibility doesn’t decide who to blame. No! It decides who can respond to bring about change!

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