We have no control over how another person will respond, in fact, if we treat them lovingly just for a desired response it is not love, it is a payment or bribe. We must decide to be loving because that is the person we want to be regardless of how anyone responds to us. Marriage, whether we like it or not, is the ultimate expression of free enterprise. Right or wrong, the other person will desire to be with us and love us in exact proportion to the degree they have value for us. Walking in love, to some degree, means making ourselves valuable to others because of the valuable things we bring to their life. When we are valued we are precious, we become a treasure, and where your treasure is, there is your heart! If you want passionate love from the heart, be valuable. JOIN ME this week and we’ll discuss the greatest way to keep love alive, i.e. how to be valuable and precious to the people in our lives.