God’s eternal realities, established by the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus are the focus of our faith.This is one of the great paradoxes! The work of Jesus is finished, as far as His part is concerned! In Him is everything that pertains to life and godliness. That word for life is talking about quality of life on every level, not just spiritual life.

All that He has is ours, we share it with Him by virtue of the fact that we are in Him. We were spiritually baptized into His body when we were born again! At that moment we became joint heirs with Him. In other words, even though He was the one who obtained the inheritance He shares it equally with us! God is not going to give us the inheritance; the inheritance is ours now!

God’s eternal realities, established by the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus are the focus of our faith. The question isn’t whether or not you simply believe in the individual promises made by God. The question is, do you believe Jesus obtained them through His resurrection and they become yours when you are baptized into His body.

Someone has compared the inheritance we share with Jesus to a bank account bearing our name into which the inheritance has been deposited. When we believe in our heart, the Bible says that is our proof of ownership. Faith in what Jesus accomplished is like writing a check on that account. The money in the account was always ours, but it only changed our life experience when we wrote the check!

JOIN ME this week; I want to help you end the wavering between what is legally yours and what you are experiencing in your life!

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