Faith is trust for God as revealed through Jesus’ life, teaching, death, burial and resurrection.Some people struggle with guilt in so many areas it can turn into a phobia. Some live in constant fear of disappointing God. It is very obvious that a person who struggles with this to an extreme has been inundated with religious lies about God. The lies may have come from church, family, parents or society in general and the person who influenced your beliefs may have meant well, but at some point we must decide whose report we will believe: religion or the Bible?

In Romans 14 Paul addressed the issue of eating meat sacrificed to idols. Today if a believer were seen eating meat sacrificed to idols he would be declared a pagan or demon-possessed. There are people who will condemn you to Hell for celebrating Christmas or Easter. Even though they are pagan in origin we are not celebrating the pagan deities. Our culture has come to a place where even though these were started from paganism, we celebrate them for a totally different and biblical reason.

Paul pointed out that idols are nothing, but he gets to the heart of the struggle when he explains that this type of hypersensitivity to guilt is the result of weak faith. When the Bible talks about faith it doesn’t necessarily mean what we mean. Faith is trust for God as revealed through Jesus’ life, teaching, death, burial and resurrection. If we believe the truth about who we are in Christ, that Satan is defeated, that we are righteous, loved, accepted of God, and have authority over the evil one we would never succumb to these religious superstitions.

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