Encore – Is This The End
Please enjoy this encore Cyberchurch episode from July, 2020. “”Spiritual Secrets For A Brand New Beginning”” will return soon.

So many people have asked me if this is the end of time. If you’re asking that question, you don’t really understand what the Bible means when it talks about “the end.”

In Matthew 24, when Jesus talks about the many things happening and says, “This is not the end”; He is talking about reaching the end or completion of the goal (the reason all these things are happening), not the end of time. These things are happening to destroy people’s confidence in God. The good news is that Jesus isn’t coming back to bring about the end of time. Jesus is coming back to bring an end of the destruction that’s done by wickedness and lawlessness and to give us a thousand years of peace before we reach the end of time.

Don’t let your heart be troubled. In the end, we win because, in the end, God has already won. I want to help deliver you from the fear that comes from the deception happening in the world. Watch this week’s CyberChurch message, “Is This the End?” to learn more.

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