Apocalypse-Cover340x340Very few people understand what’s happening in America and in the world. The problem is not an issue of intelligence, it is an issue of willingness. Americans, in particular, are not willing to see, admit and adjust to the reality of current events. We have lived in relative safety untouched by the ravages of war on our own soil, but our nation and the world have hit a tipping point where events will progress at an exponential rate. We are moments away from the greatest tribulation the world has ever seen. The question is: Are you ready? Do you know what to do?

It is not coincidence that our laws are completely out of sync with reality. What the Bible calls wicked the world now calls good. Every form of media daily broadcasts and promotes perversion of every kind. Even children’s programming is filled with unhealthy, destructive models of life and behavior. Our government is corrupt, our politicians self-serving and our economy is probably beyond recovery.

But here’s the big surprise: Across America people with sound, healthy, biblical morals and values are labeled as the cause of national and international turmoil. American Christians are being sued, arrested and persecuted for simply practicing their faith. Tens of thousands of Christians in other countries are beheaded, burned alive, drown in cages and made to flee their homes in search of safety, and our leaders don’t seem to care. What’s worse, they are fully committed to bringing the very terrorists that commit these crimes worldwide onto our home soil. Soon it will be us, our spouses, children and neighbors they are coming for!

Jesus warned us about these times, but He didn’t leave us to our own resources. Some of the most ignored Scriptures in the Bible are those where Jesus said what we must do to prepare for this unique time in history! He laid out a clear and simple strategy that we can follow and be overcomers… people who rise above persecution. I want every believer to know exactly how to prepare; that’s why I’ve written a spiritual guide for the second coming!

Don’t wait until they come for you and your family; know what to do right now to face what’s coming! Get your copy of my book: Apocalypse: A Spiritual Guide To The Second Coming today.