The word “confess” means “to say the same thing.”I can only answer that if I understand what you mean by “confess.” If you mean we need to confess to a priest or any other human dignitary, absolutely not. No man can act on behalf of God to forgive the sin of another. If your idea of confessing sin means to wallow in shame, beg, plead and cry then, no, I do not! But if by “confess” you mean what the Bible means then, yes, I do. Let’s look at what the Bible means when it tells us to confess our sin.

In the Old Testament a person laid hands on his sacrifice and confessed his specific sins. He operated faith that his sins were being imparted to the sacrificial lamb. He trusted that the punishment poured on the lamb was just and the fact that the lamb suffered in his place wrath was satisfied; therefore, he would not have to suffer.

When a believer confesses, even though his sins have technically been forgiven on the cross, he is acknowledging the fact that Jesus became his sin, paid his debt, satisfied wrath and all the requirements of righteousness.

The word “confess” means “to say the same thing.” There are so many things we should acknowledge about our sin: this is why Jesus had to suffer and die; I am forever dependent on Him and His mercy; I will never forget or take for granted the price He paid; I am no slave to sin; sin has no power over me; I only sin to get what I want, etc.

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