Almost everyone who has heard me speak knows that one of my favorite stories is about a young Asian boy who stood on the seashore watching the boats as they sailed to and fro across the horizon. After a time, he asked his grandfather, “How is it that the wind only blows in one direction but the boats sail in every direction?” The grandfather answered, “It’s not the direction of the wind, but the setting of the sail that determines your direction!”

Nothing is more appropriate for this time. This is your chance to chart a new course. No matter how the winds of life are blowing, you can set your sail for the destination of your choice. You can move toward your goals and dreams or you can do nothing and be blown by every wind of circumstance and be whisked to some unknown, undesirable destination. Today more than ever, I want to help you choose your destination and set your sail.

The universe is filled with laws that work. Whether we do or do not understand them, they work. I know there is a law called gravity. I really do not understand it, but it works independent of my belief, understanding, choices, or approval.

In Heart Physics, we teach that all of the natural laws of the universe mirror and help us to understand spiritual laws. This is one of the first things I realized about the laws of the universe. They work regardless of how good, bad, spiritual, or carnal you are. If a good person slips from the roof of a building, he will plummet to the ground as surely as an evil man.

These laws are no “respecter of persons!” Likewise, the laws of the heart work irrespective of character and spirituality. They work without arbitrary decisions on the part of God! He said, and this is my paraphrase; Here are the way things work. If you trust me, you will make this work for your good. If not, they will work against you!

Do you ever look at people who seem to have it all and wonder, “Why does life work so well for them?” Or what about those people who seem to always triumph over every situation? Do you ever wonder, “What’s their secret?” We know that God loves all people equally. We know that He makes the sun to shine on the just and the unjust (Matthew 5:45).

No matter how much it may seem that God is favoring one person over another, it simply cannot be the case! Some people learn to make the immutable laws of God work for them. They make the decisions trusting these laws while others mistakenly wait for God to make the decisions and languish in lack and defeat!