Our HeartZone is that place we enter in our heart where we are able to influence our beliefs, take authority over our physical body and hear the voice of God. Jesus said, “The Kingdom of God is found within…” This implies that we enter the realm of the Kingdom of God when we enter our heart. In this realm we are able to experience the provision of the Kingdom!

HeartzoneFor various reasons people sometimes struggle finding their way into their HeartZone. Sometimes those who have been quite effective suddenly run into a barrier they have difficulty crossing and find themselves stuck. Too often discouragement deceives us into stopping what works and moving on to the latest pop-teaching. Believing in our heart has been God’s standard from the beginning and it will always be God’s way. SO, if you’re struggling I have good news for you!

The Bible teaches about the power of numbers in agreement. Like so many things that Jesus taught, we are just coming to understand the laws that make these things happen. I have discovered when groups of people get together to pray, worship or do heart work there is a synergy that occurs; in fact, there have been scientific studies proving changes that occur when groups do anything in harmony. In other words, there is something powerful that happens when people come together in agreement.

Many people find that doing heart work in a group committed to the same goals creates an incredibly powerful synergy making it possible to reach new depths in heart work! Join me and other dedicated people for Advanced Heart Physics® Weekend and benefit from the synergy of people in agreement. This could be your breakthrough!