November 4-6, 2016
Horticulture Centre Of The Pacific
Victoria, BC



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The desire to succeed is part of our permanent internal wiring; yet, nearly everything and everyone in our life has unintentionally played a role in programming us to accept certain limitations. The majority of people live within invisible, impenetrable boundaries that have become the accepted limits of their success!

  • Do you feel like outside sources control your opportunities? 
  • Do you tend to reach a certain level of success and hit the glass ceiling? 
  • Do you have difficulty finding employees who will work your plan? 
  • Do you find yourself trusting the wrong people in business? 
  • Are you stuck and ready to take the next step forward in success?

If you answered yes to at least three of these questions you are in the same situation as the majority of people in the free world! But you don’t have to stay in the range of average. I want to give you the tools and help you have the internal experiences that will launch you beyond where you are into a success you’ve never known.

  • Are reading and applying the steps laid out in motivational books and seminars, yet seeing little or no lasting change? 
  • Have you meticulously copied the exact steps someone else followed to succeed but it didn’t work for you? 
  • Have you spent hours making positive affirmations and confessions only to remain stuck?

jbr-photo2Ten billion dollars is spent on self-help and motivational training in an often disappointing attempt to expand our success boundaries. According to Marketdata Enterprises, Inc. these expenditures increase an average of 6.1% annually. At best, however, most participants seem to get temporarily charged up only to eventually succumb to the same limitations they sought to change!

Does this mean success seminars and books are of no value? Absolutely not! But they only have value to the degree our sense of dignity and worth is congruent with true success! When our internal beliefs are congruent with success, everything we learn will work for us. Until then, we’ll hear, then try and as soon as we get weary from trying we will fall back to our sense of normal.

There is a universal law that brings us back to the scope of our internal beliefs. As surely as gravity will always bring us back to earth, we will always come back to the boundaries of our internal beliefs. Wired for Success and Leadership will show you how to move those internal boundaries to enjoy and sustain the levels of success you truly desire. Now you can fulfill your desire for success while discovering the hidden keys to living your potential!

For the past 50 years success literature has primarily been filled with gimmicks, tricks and shortcuts. Most people are weary of trying, then gaining momentary ground only to land back where they started. But now there is a way to move those internal boundaries and break through the glass ceiling that has held you hostage!


In the Wired for Success and Leadership Conference & Workshop we will:

  • Escape the poverty mindset 
  • Discover the secret of holistic success 
  • Put an end to self-sabotage  
  • Identify and overcome the two main limiting fears: fear of success and fear of failure 
  • Stop fear and anxiety instantly 
  • Learn the secret to leadership in the home and in the market place 
  • Unveil the ultimate foundation of success: knowing your value 
  • Plus, gain practical strategies for moving forward into a lifetime of success

With the advances in cutting-edge research we now know the beliefs of our heart program every cell in our body, send signals to the world around us and create our invisible boundaries. Apart from an internal belief system that supports success all efforts to move forward will be stressful, temporary and unattainable. However, when the beliefs of the heart create a sense of self that is able to experience success and prosperity, everything you’ve ever learned now becomes effective in your life.

Wired for Success and Leadership will help you create the matrix around which all the pieces of the puzzle finally come together to bring you into the most incredible success you have ever imagined! Dr. Jim Richards has helped tens of thousands of people around the world break through to new levels of success and this how-to seminar and workshop is the key that will make it all happen for you!