5. What Will You Do With Freedom
What would you do if you suddenly become debt-free? Studies show that most people who win the lottery or suddenly become debt-free without earning it are usually completely broke within just a few years—many in worse financial condition than before.

When someone becomes debt-free without developing good character, self-control, or wise spending habits, all they have are more resources to destroy their lives. They still have the same crooked, messed-up heart. They develop a sense of character and money management that keeps them making the same horrible mistakes. And because there are no consequences, they continue making bad decisions, always expecting someone else to bail them out.

There’s an interesting distinction between the government or someone else trying to bail us out and finding real freedom in Jesus. When the government bails us out, nothing changes internally. Therefore, we continue to do the same things over and over because it’s the condition of our hearts that determines whether the money will help or hurt us.

God is the only one who can set us free internally. This can only happen by believing in the finished work of Jesus. True freedom is living your life out of your heart, realizing that you have absolute authority over everything that happens inside of you.

I want to help you come to a place where you’re able to instantly change your attitude and emotions simply by making one decision, and suddenly everything changes inside of you!

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