3. Seeking The Kingdom
The Bible says Jesus preached the parables of the Kingdom, then He ministered healing and deliverance to those in need! Many people have asked, “why don’t we get the same result as Jesus from our preaching and believing?” There are many possibilities that can be considered when answering such questions.

Based on the law of the seed, the one determining factor of the fruit we produce is the seed we sow and the ground wherein it is sown! In my 49 years, I’ve heard few sermons that were based on the Kingdom of God. It has become prevalent that believers know almost nothing about the Kingdom, or how it can work here on earth as it does in Heaven.

The great irony is this: Jesus our Lord told us specifically, “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness…” So join me this week for CyberChurch, and we will discuss seeking the Kingdom of God in the priority Jesus emphasized. You may discover an incredible shift in the quality of your life and the power of God’s Word when we seek the Kingdom first!

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