3. Destructive Questions

When facing challenges or critical situations, the questions we begin to ask ourselves, God, or others will very probably cause us to lose or postpone the very victory we are seeking. Asking destructive questions always leads to destructive answers. Destructive answers always lead to destructive behavior. In other words, if we ask the wrong questions, we always get the wrong answers, then we end up taking the wrong actions.

You may be looking around at the world today and thinking, “How can I celebrate right now? Everything is going wrong. There’s tragedy everywhere.” Most of the time, the worst thing we can do when facing an overwhelming situation is to start asking questions. I want to show you, from a biblical perspective, how to navigate these troubled times. I want to show you what you need to do first to get yourself out of harm’s way, and then start asking questions.

God wants every day to be a celebration of life for you, and I want to help you get there. In this week’s CyberChurch message, “Destructive Questions,” you’ll learn how to navigate troubled waters, maintain peace, avoid fear and confusion, and discover how to immediately get yourself back onto solid spiritual and emotional ground.


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