2. Drawing Near To God
Religion has led us to believe that God required offerings in the Old Testament, but that is not true. If that were the case, He would have been no different than the pagan gods. The Hebrew word translated as offerings actually means to draw near. The worshiper of Jehovah was not attempting to appease Him so He would come close to them. Their offerings were designed to influence their hearts, in order to facilitate them drawing near to Him. Join me this week in CyberChurch as we explore the positive side of offerings and how they affect our hearts as we draw near to God!
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Dr. Jim Richards
Dr. Jim Richards combines spirituality, energy medicine, scientific concepts and human intuition into a philosophical approach that aligns spirit, soul and body, resulting in incredible health, emotional, financial and spiritual breakthroughs. Jim is a life coach, consultant, teacher and motivational trainer. He holds doctorates in Theology, Alternative Medicine and Human Behavior. Dr. Richards is an entrepreneur who has built several successful businesses ranging from contracting to real estate to marketing. As a national best-selling author, Dr. Richards has written several books that have sold several million copies around the world.
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