when we believe the truth about who we are and how much we are loved it becomes easy to trust God!In Philemon Paul tells us that acknowledging the good things we have in Christ activates our faith, i.e. makes our faith effective! It’s pretty simple; when we believe the truth about who we are and how much we are loved it becomes easy to trust God! The New Testament doesn’t challenge us about the amount of faith we have as much as the quality and focus of our faith.

When Jesus addressed those with little faith it is obvious that He is talking about little trust for God. The truth is, we all have faith, i.e. we all trust something. Since all people have a measure of faith, the question is not how much faith do I have but what do I trust? Little faith is a reference to little trust for God, which means there is something else I trust. Or, it can be a willingness to trust for little things!

Faith, contrary to what religion teaches, is not what we do to get God to respond to us. Faith is our response of trust to Him. Jesus used His faith to obtain the inheritance for us. He trusted the promises God made to Him in the Word. We either respond to God’s promises with belief,  unbelief or wavering between the two! But it is our responsibility to choose belief and do what it takes to avoid wavering. We do have a responsibility to renew our mind and to do everything we can to bring ourselves to a place of trust for God and His promises. This is what Hebrews called laboring to enter into rest! Choosing and believing is our part, His part is to provide the power!

JOIN ME this week. I want to help you discover how simple and powerful it is to activate your faith! When you do, you’ll feel better about yourself and about God!

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