When people choose to stop walking with you, they usually have the need to justify their decision by finding fault, criticism, or other forms of negative justification. It is sad that they can’t simply own their decisions and say, “It’s time for me to walk another path.” Or, “I don’t want to go where you are going,” It doesn’t have to be the end of friendships. It doesn’t have to end in conflict. If everyone is walking their own path, it will end in celebration for the way we have all benefited one another, and for the joy of a new adventure in God.

The second part of rekindling a flame is refueling. Oxygen is part of the essential fuel for a fire. After removing the smothering ashes, I would simply blow on what appeared to be charred pieces of wood. Miraculously, in the absence of the smothering ashes, these pieces would immediately burst into a flame. Then and only then could I pile on more wood or coal to build a fire that would warm the entire house!

Before you can add the pieces of new goals and objectives, you have to remove the smothering ashes. But then, you must experience the breath of new life. You have to reconnect to Jesus and experience Him fresh and anew! You’ve got to have oil in your lamp or there can be no flame. Only when the flame is burning bright again are you ready to consider new goals. When the fire is burning, it’s easy to recognize what puts it out. When the flame is smothered by old ashes, though, it is nearly impossible to identify the problem.

Be ready to lay aside every weight. Don’t attach your ego or sense of success to any program, plan, or person, no matter how effective it may have been in the past or how effective it is today! Only after we have surrendered all that we are holding, all that we have accumulated, can we experience a fresh breath onto the gift that had become smothered and buried in the ashes of activity! Only then can the flame re-ignite! (read entire article)