God wants you to forgive ... without becoming a doormat!The main reason forgiveness is so difficult is the incorrect ideas we’ve been taught about it. We are made to believe that we should act like nothing ever happened; we should just let it all go or, even worse, we are taught that to forgive means we have to embrace the one who offended us so deeply. That’s not what the Bible teaches.

The word “forgiveness” means “to send away.” Jesus taught us how to send away the pain, but He also taught us to establish boundaries and, where necessary, the offender should be made to pay a penalty or, at the very least, restore what he or she may have taken. The only way to hold a person accountable without creating more internal bitterness is to send away the pain. Then, and only then, are we able to take wise steps that would otherwise be painful and confusing.

JOIN ME this week. I’ll teach you what God says about forgiving without becoming a doormat!