When in need, you look to those whom you trust!God has revealed Himself to us by His Word, His name, and ultimately through the Lord Jesus. We are faced with this question, “Will I believe God’s testimony of Himself?” When I do, I will confidently trust Him! When I look to other sources like circumstances, other people’s opinion, my denomination, or even science, I am rejecting His Word. So in essence, I’m saying God is a liar!

You can’t have a relationship of trust with someone you consider to be a liar. You certainly would not rely on them when in need. When in need, you look to those whom you trust! So God can never be in our lives who He desires to be, we will never have the relationship He wants, neither can there be meaningful communication in the absence of trust! After all, all relationships work around trust and communication! So, how can God be pleased with us or the relationship when we don’t trust Him?

JOIN ME this week and let’s dive deeper into the character and nature of God so you can learn who He is and come to trust Him completely!