Quote for Blog - 061516So much of our prayer time isn’t based on New Covenant truth; it focuses on the problem instead of the solution and it doesn’t influence our hearts. Making all of our prayers, confession and praise and worship present tense, positive and personal resolves all those issues.

As foreign as it may seem to your intellectual mind and emotions, all of your needs have already been met and all your prayers have been answered. We access the reality, i.e. manifestation when it comes alive in our heart! Since the heart is first and foremost about you and your identity, until you make the promises personal they won’t influence your heart.

Too many people pray the problem instead of the solution which makes the problem grow larger in their mind. We don’t need to focus on the problem, we need to focus on God’s solution. If I’m struggling with health I’m not going to talk to God about my sickness or my desire to be healed. Jesus said He already knows our need. No! I’m going to acknowledge every scriptural promise about healing. “I thank you, Father, that by the stripes of Jesus healing is mine. Thank you that the Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead is giving life to my mortal body!” This is focusing on the positive.

With God there’s no future and no past. Time only exists in our realm and experience; therefore, faith is always now. Hope is for the future and hope will keep you going until faith comes alive. When faith comes alive the solution is now, the promise is now. It’s yours at this moment, and because you trust God you’re moving it from the realm of the invisible to the visible, from true to truth!

One of the best ways to incorporate this into your prayer life is by using the phrases “I am,” “I can” and “I have.” Join me this week in Impact CyberChurch as I share about Knowing God as Father and help you transform your prayer life!