To the degree we believe a truth, our eyes are open to see that truth to a greater degree.A mystery is secret knowledge, which one gains by initiation. Both the occult and the kingdom are mysteries. There is one major difference. God tells you all the truth, goals and intentions up front. The occult doesn’t tell you its true goals and intentions. So it only initiates you to greater degrees of its real intentions when you have been adequately brainwashed and proven yourself at your current level of deceit.

The Kingdom of God and all its related truths are also mysteries. But they are mysteries that are not grasped through intellectual enlightenment, but by way of the heart! To the degree we believe a truth, our eyes are open to see that truth to a greater degree. However, our truth is always a greater understanding of who Jesus is and what He accomplished for us. But our revelation is not ego-driven, subjective enlightenment. Our revelation never departs from Jesus’ representation of the Word of God.

This is why the writer of Hebrews pointed out that we could not move on to perfect revelation about righteousness until we could grasp the foundations of faith. Our heart cannot see beyond our current levels of doubt and faith! There is no end to the revelation of God; therefore, this will be an eternal journey. But it is a journey that will always go deeper into who we are and what we have in Jesus. In other words, how it could be in Him!

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