You’re more important than you think! That is my message to every person and every pastor. Too often people in every walk of life minimize their contribution to the world. In the classic movie It’s A Wonderful Life, Jimmie Stewart underestimates his value to the world and has the opportunity to see what would happen in the lives of the people he loves if he had not been born.

The idea is played out in a slightly different scenario in the story of Scrooge, who has the opportunity to see how negatively his actions have affected others. We are all making an impact! Whether good or bad, we are making an impact. And I believe we all underestimate our influence!

Edwin Hubbel Chapin, American author and clergyman, said, “Every action of our lives touches on some chord that will vibrate in eternity.” The person who fails to properly reckon his role on the outcome of eternity will live an irresponsible life. Parents who don’t consider the significance of their smallest actions can recklessly alter the fate of their children. The believer who underestimates the power of his or her testimony will shift the weight of evidence for those searching for God. And the leader who underestimates his significance to the world never lives his destiny!

Underestimation is a form of self-slander; it is an accusation. It seems harmless, and in some circles is even considered a form of humility. But accusation is the work of demons! Satan is the accuser! We give voice to the lies of the devil when our self-talk is negative and minimizing! Satan can take a nap while we effectively and fervently do his work for him! Read Entire Article