quote-for-blog-101816Since love is actually value, we determine our subjective measurement of personal worth based on the value others have for us. The problem is no one has the capacity to be 100% consistent in their love and acceptance; everyone wavers. Their wavering often has nothing to do with us; it’s simply what that person is going through. When we look to people to determine our value we’ll be up and down and either despise people for not meeting our need or attempt to earn their value by our performance!

We must look to God, our Creator and Father, to determine how much He values us. However, it’s impossible to believe the common negative religious concepts of God and believe He loves us. That’s why it’s absolutely essential that our heart be established in the New Covenant. The Bible calls it the Covenant of Peace. We must know that God made a Covenant of Peace with Jesus that promised eternal love, acceptance and freedom from wrath. We share in that Covenant when we believe on Jesus and are baptized into His body.

More than any other place, we must look to the cross where Jesus satisfied all the wrath of God on our behalf. When we realize the incredible price He paid we begin to get the first real glimpse into how much God loved us. Reconciliation is when something is purchased and the price paid is equal to the value of the item purchased. You were worth the life, crucifixion, death and resurrection of Jesus. CLICK HERE to make this journey into God’s incredible value for you and watch your sense of self-worth explode exponentially!