Quote for Blog - 072516The reason the disciples wanted Him to teach them how to pray is because they had never seen anyone pray like Him, and probably because they seldom got their prayers answered.

Matthew 7:28-29 says people were astonished by His teaching because He spoke with authority. I have no doubt this was the case with His prayer life. Jesus taught us to come to God as our Father, which means we come as sons and heirs, we come as those who have had all things given to them! But it also means we come with the authority (the right) God gave man from the beginning.

Jesus didn’t beg the Father to do what He had already promised. He established, by His faith-filled words, the promises of God in His own life. Jesus also taught us to deal with our conflict with others by forgiving and giving them better than they deserve, which affects our heart and makes us able to receive better than we deserve.

Jesus showed us if we deal with our issues toward others, staying free from temptation and evil is easy. The Greek word for “evil” used in Matthew 6:13 isn’t talking about the devil and it isn’t even specifically talking about sin; it’s talking about hardship, poverty, lack and moral degeneration that leads to temptation.

Unlike the religion-based theology of our day, Jesus knew hardship wasn’t from God. He also knew hardship causes us to strive. It isn’t a way of God teaching us and it isn’t a trial to test our faith. No! Hardship can come from bad choices and bad choices come from a heart and mind cluttered with bitterness and unforgiveness.

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