quote-for-blog-102616I, too, was taught that emotions aren’t important. But like so many trends, that turned out to simply be an overreaction to the movement of the past that put far too much emphasis on emotion. The truth is we are social, emotional, relationship-oriented beings. In fact, before the fall man was called a living soul. The idea is that before the fall man’s soul/emotions were influenced by his spirit but after the fall man became flesh, meaning that now the flesh dominates man’s soul/emotions. The problem is not our emotions; the problem is when our emotions are driven by the need to fulfill the lusts of the flesh. The Bible is full of positive emotions that are experienced when people worship, pray and follow God.

We do not want to be led by our emotions but, in the end, we will be. All studies show that when there is a battle between the will and emotions, emotions always eventually prevail. Sadly, so few people ever discover the powerfully pleasant emotions that come by trusting and applying God’s Word. Too many believers think that obedience is hard and difficult, but they are not burdensome. When we interpret and apply truth the way Jesus taught  it is always easy and light. In fact, trusting and following God produces incredibly positive and enjoyable emotions.

We forget that all references to the soul are referring to our mind and emotions. The Bible gives us the prescription for healthy emotions. In fact, we are told we will prosper and be in good health to the degree that our soul prospers. A healthy soul comes from a mind that has been renewed by the Word of God as taught and modeled by the Lord Jesus and by a clear conscience. As we bring our thoughts and emotions in line with God’s reality we enjoy an incredible quality of life. CLICK HERE to join me this week to discover the role the soul plays in the conscience as we explore The Voice of the Conscience.