quote-for-blog-102516Sometimes people describe being led of the Spirit in mystical terminology which causes many to discount their own legitimate experiences with God. Until we remove the sensationalism we really don’t know if we are being led by the Spirit or by our emotions.

The truth is there is a way you can be sure you are moving with the Spirit even when you don’t know whether it is you or the Spirit of God moving you. There are times when the Holy Spirit will stir or inspire a person in a particular direction but the truth is we are as much in the Spirit when we harmonize, regulate or commit our life to walking in God’s Word as Jesus interpreted it as we are when we have the sense of being led or inspired. We don’t need any unique or mystical experience to be in the Spirit; we just need to believe and commit ourselves to the truth of God’s Word applied from the motive of love!

Some seem to lack the need to renew their mind based on Jesus’ interpretation of God’s Word. If you don’t know how God said to treat people you don’t know if God, your emotions or your lusts are leading you. But you can be sure that if you feel inspired to do anything that violates God’s Word or if you feel inspired to apply God’s Word from any perspective other than love it is your fleshly desires leading you. God never violates His words of life, light and love!

When we intend to walk as God’s Word defines it we experience the Spirit of grace empowering us. When love is our intention we remain in Christ, in the light and in the Spirit, our conscience is clear making it possible to see the path before us and to grasp the direction of the Spirit. CLICK HERE to join me this week and discover The Voice of the Conscience. A clear conscience will drastically change your capacity to live in, walk with and be led by the Spirit.