Grace: The Power to Change

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Are you tired of trying to live up to religious expectations?  Return to the foundation of  God’s grace and experience what Jesus described as “easy and light.”

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Does what you believe really work? Are you frustrated with legalism and religious works? Do you feel like you have to earn God’s blessings?

Has walking with God become a list of rules and regulations? Are you tired of trying to live up to religious expectations? Return to the foundation of God’s grace and experience what Jesus described as “easy and light.”

  •    Establish your life in God’s power and peace
  •    Free yourself from feelings of inadequacy
  •    Discover personal power like you’ve never known
  •    Totally break the power of sin in your life through God’s grace
  •    Learn how to make it work without getting into dead works

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Reviews (22)

22 reviews for Grace: The Power to Change

  1. Megan T

    “Filled with wonderful insight and wisdom. The author breaks down the often misunderstood subject into clear direction and removes the seeming mystery of what grace really is.

    A loving Savior who purchased for us a no strings attached gift to walk in and enable a life that wins if the simple willingness to walk on that path is present.
    Some excerpts: “”Faith does not believe God is going to; faith believes God already has. Faith knows that the work of the Cross is complete; therefore, it is all available to us now””. “”A man in the flesh is a man who is attempting to be made righteous by his own ability””. “”Sin does not have dominion over us; to sin is always a choice. Sin is always willful (for the believer). We give in to the sins we enjoy. No one gives in to the sins he hates””. “”Grace works through righteousness. Departing from truth frustrates the grace of God (see, Galatians 2:21)””.

    The importance of “”faith righteousness”” is rightly heavily emphasized. It is a gift; not a thing to be attained and vital to a transforming life. This is the big stumbling stone to those who insist on earning it.
    The author unveils Proverbs 4:23: “”Keep thy heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life””. Believing in the heart is the key to real change. There is only one righteousness that matters. Any other righteousness is ultimately futile and vain.

    Rarely do I find a book that after finishing reading it, and taking notes, I then read it again. Most encouraging and uplifting. Many thanks to James Richards. Recommended.”

  2. JOrdan h

    “My life I would say has literally changed after reading this book. One time reading is not enough. We need to sit with this book and the Bible and go hand in hand.
    I have stopped laboring for God after I read it. Now I am at peace and rest. Because Christ has completed the work. I don’t have to conquer any sins anymore, because he accomplished his mission on the cross. All I have to do is to say to myself Christ has finished the work. He has stripped Satan of all his powers and gained victory. Even death couldn’t defeat him. Now I have the same victory too, where all evil is under my feet through Christ. As the book says where man’s strength ends, God’s strength begins.

  3. Emily P

    “I loved this book. Jim Richards has a way of describing the good news without turning it into bad news. He describes God’s Grace in a way that if it’s true, a person would crave a relationship with God. In reading other books about Grace, I haven’t come across anything that resembles this book. He has a simple way of explaining the issue of Grace in a very honest an non religious way.

    I would highly recommend this book for anyone who has been injured by authoritative religious systems, or anyone who simply doesn’t believe that they are worthy of God’s love.

    This book was very instrumental in changing my own heart towards who God is, and particularly how Religion has damaged so many people.”

  4. Nate F

    My Dad likes this book so much that he had me order 25 copies for him recently! (No kidding!) The book focuses on encouraging you to let go of the cares, guilt, responsibility, pain, and day to day pressure that so commonly accompany the Christian walk by acknowledging and accepting the true nature of what Jesus did on the cross. The book is a guideline for becoming TRULY FREE! I could talk about this book for a long time but I do not want to spoil it for anyone. It is one of the books that you can read over and over because it is so simple yet profound in its implications. I would especially recommend it as a gift to a new christian or a guidebook for anyone who feels frustrated with their walk with the Lord and unable to more forward. This book will keep you focused on what is really important and will continually take you back to that place in your heart where you first said “YES!” to God. In continually revisiting grace- both the book and the blessing of the real thing- My family and I have experienced a true increase in joy and peace in our lives.

  5. ISAbella R

    It one of the best books so far the best I read about God, Jesus, the Bible, mankind, salvation and Grace. That book is a must for all Christians to read. I accepted Christ since 1999, went to Bible institute, ordained as a pastor, bible teacher, counselor, read the entire Bible at least 15 times. I got so discouraged in the faith, even ready to abandon, when a friend told me about the book 2 weeks ago. It was a gift from God and I experience spiritual resurrection. Praise the Lord and thanks a lot to allow the Lord using you to rescue me from the pit of death. Thanks a .million James. My soul experiences abundant life and my spirit rejoices, and the Lord is glorified.

  6. Heidi J

    When a woman in our church handed me this book, I was curious. Fast forward over the past seven years I’ve read and reread this book numerous times. I’ve taken a small group chapter by chapter through the timeless truths found within these pages. I,m currently reading this book “bullet point” by “bullet point” and just soaking in the words of Grace. Over these years I’ve given out 40+ copies. I keep a copy on-hand at all times just to give away. Dr. Richard’s writings have change everything about my walk with Christ. Thank you Amazon for your excellent delivery over many orders.

  7. June L

    James Richards does a great job exploring the ‘Gospel of Grace’ in light of what God has done for us, not what we can do for God. The key being the righteousness of Jesus, given to us, so that we might live life to its fullest. God is working in and through us, and what we believe in our minds, directs and changes who we are and how we act. I am encouraged at this message that is contrary to what many churches are preaching and practicing: Jesus + Nothing. Not my works of self-righteousness, but God at work in me. Please read this if you are tired of trying harder to please God, and are seeing no true freedom, peace and joy in your heart.

  8. JOe V

    “Fantastic! This author connects the dots concerning what it takes to be one
    with God and allows him to bring us victory and set us free. Happiness and
    Joy at last! A must read for all.”

  9. Jack R

    I love the book. My church family uses it in our life class/ sunday school class. It has really been as blessing to both our church and personal lives. Just knowing that God has given us the ability to vanquish all obtacles by faith.

  10. Scott D

    I wish I had seen this book a few decades ago. It would have helped me not make as many mistakes in my life. THIS book is a must read if you want the straight skinny on what it really means to be a believer in Jesus Christ.

  11. Jeff R

    My life paralleled Jim’s in many ways other than the sickness aspect. His insights concerning his spiritual journey help me piece together a lot of the puzzle pieces concerning the biblical training I got that just didn’t fit. All I was ever taught was Grace was “unmerited favor”. This book gave me the full truth concerning what Gods Grace really is. I highly recommend this book.

  12. Rophe Y

    I am still reading this book, but, I do enjoy it and feel it is written in an easy to understand format. I’ve always talked/spokenof God’s “Grace” and this is the first book that I have read that stated “Grace” so simply and clearly as not being , of course, our own ability but “Grace is GOD’S ABILITY” and just reading it this way, hearing it this way, has made a difference for me and how I experience this word of Grace. It is my feeling that many could glven other aspects of ‘words’ or perspectives from this writer and I think it’s worth reading. I read it aloud with my husband (which is why I am not done reading it yet. LOL). Otherwise it is a book that you could easily read in a few days if you read daily. Blessings to all.

  13. Mike P

    Good book to read if you are burned by religion.

  14. Laura W

    “This book is AMAZING! A LIFE CHANGER! So far I have read at least 10 of Jim Richards books and each and every one has details/tools in it that has helped transform and change my life for the BEST!!!
    I have more peace and understanding with others and more happiness within myself. Best of all a LOVING RELATIONSHIP with God/Jesus!! I can now FEEL his love! God is not angry at ANY of us Including those who choose not to have anything to do with him…… He loves us ALL!!

    Many prayers and blessing to you all!”

  15. Charles P

    Most Christians understand somewhat that we are saved by grace..that is God’s unmerited favor..but grace does not cease to work in us as soon as we ARE saved. Dr Ricahrds, through scripture teaching, helps one to see that it is ALL by grace. That God not only saves us, but continually works changes in us as we acknowledge our inability and avail ourselves of HIS limitless ability.

  16. Steven K

    I had to read this twice, which for me is something, I normally don’t even finish most of the books I read, Dr. Richards however is another story. I have several of his books and have read them all multiple times.

  17. Leo S

    Great book on the topic of God’s ability…Grace. Made me realize that I have recently been living through my own strength not through the power of God in me.

  18. Kelly M

    I discovered the gospel of grace several years ago and have been transformed by the love of God. Since then I have listened to many grace preachers and read many books. James Richards book, “Grace: The Power To Change” helped me in that he explains the meaning behind Scripture in light of the love of God rather than through the lens of religion (works righteousness). It is so critical that believers learn to recognize the difference between Law and Grace if we are to truly walk victoriously in the full inheritance of our sonship. Thank you Jesus for the Cross! All glory to You!

  19. Tom H

    “I orginally was gonna give this a 4star because the book while well written is not a particulary easy read. The contents shows it covers the things that need to be covered: change, God, Jesus, sin, grace, righteousness, heart, temptation, and more. By the time I got to the last quarter of the book, I was ready to acknowledge that it is a 5 star book.
    Mentioning just one point that sold me on the book, was the idea that persuading one’s heart about God can/may come about in several different ways; and we should try every possible means to persuade our hearts about God.
    This is a book that I have read and will end up studying. Just keep in mind the title suggests that GRACE is the power behind change.”

  20. Katie L

    This is one of those books that has the potential to totally change the way you think about yourself and most importantly God. It’s thought provoking to say the least. We live in a world that is so performance based. The problem with that is so much of the time it is our own strength and performance that we rely, instead of God’s strength in and through us – we think so small…..God wants us to think so much bigger! It is through His Grace (His ability, His strength) that gives us the power to think outside the box that the world and sometimes our circumstances seem to put us in. A must read…great study individually or as a group.

  21. Ruth M

    I concur with other reviewers – a must read! This teaching is THE foundation for success in EVERY other area of your life. In my opinion, this book should be combined with his other book: “Anatomy of a Miracle”. Both are excellent. Once you understand Grace, sin absolutely loses its power in your life!

  22. Ed N

    This is the best book I have ever read second only to the Bible. I couldn’t put it down. Dr. Richards explained so many things that had been frustrating me in my relationship with God. This book goes directly against much of the religious and traditional teaching of the church that is keeping people from experiencing a real relationship with God. My life will literally never be the same. WOW!

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