Generational Curses: Is God Really Fair?

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Generational Curses:
Is God really fair?

For the last 45 years, I’ve heard countless rumors of God taking loved ones as a means of teaching the survivors a lesson. Every tornado, hurricane, or flood is called an “act of God.” People define generational curses as the suffering children and grandchildren endure because of the actions of their forefathers. I’ve had friends experience horrible catastrophes labeled sovereign acts of God!

The two questions I have in the face of these aberrations are: If God wants to teach me, why would He hurt someone else? Second, why does God want me to be fair and just if He is unjust?  I thought we were called to be like Him!

Job and his friends struggled with this same question, “Can a mortal be more righteous than God? Can a man be more pure than his Maker” (Job 4:17)? We’re called to live by faith which is an immovable trust in the goodness of God. If God is unpredictable or unjust, He can’t be trusted.

This series will unveil the truth of God’s justice. It will provide what has been the pivotal point that has transformed some of the greatest believers and leaders of all time.

The truth revealed in this series can end all questions about God’s justice, all your struggles in trusting God, and bring you to the doorway of an incredible life!





Ten Words That Will Change Everything You Know About God:

Seeing God as He Really Is


The Bible teaches that we’ll experience God based on how we perceive Him. Incidentally, it’s the same with God, people, and the world at large; we’re never fully experiencing anyone as they are as much as the way we perceive them.   

Contrary to what religion has pushed down our throats for centuries, God is proactively attempting to give us life at its best! But like the children of Israel, because of our beliefs, we limit what God can do in our lives.

All beliefs are based on Words and how we define them. When we have an inaccurate definition of words, we develop inaccurate, i.e., limiting beliefs. What if we could identify just 10 words that, when properly understood, could change the way we perceive, believe, and experience God and open our hearts to an entirely new level of hope, faith, and optimism?  Would you want to know those 10 Words? That’s what this series is all about!

In this six-message series, you’ll discover words that:

  •     Religion deliberately mistranslated to make you see God as harsh and vengeful!
  •     Reveal the love of God beyond anything you’ve ever imagined!
  •     Remove the veil from your heart that limits what you can receive from God!
  •     Make walking with God easy and light!
  •     Will make you fall deeper in love with God.
  •     Develop an immovable trust in Him.

Ten Words could be the beginning of an internal revelation that magnifies the goodness and power of God in your life!

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