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Week 1: Operating Instructions

We did get an operator’s manual in the Bible, but because people don’t trust what God said, they struggle to work a plan.
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Jesus taught us everything we need to know to have life at its best, and He taught us the keys of the Kingdom – the operating system for a believer who intends to have the abundant life. Jesus said, “Those who hear my words and put them into practice will be the one who builds his life on the rock” (Mt. 7:24). When we apply any of the Word by walking in love, we will be in harmony with the Lord Jesus Christ. The challenge of every believer is this: do I believe Jesus the Son of God emptied Himself and became a man in every way like as me?

Week 3: Perceiving The Kingdom

When we are born again, it is only then that we have the capability of perceiving there is a kingdom of God. To learn more about this new series and our special offer, Click Here.

In John 3:3, Jesus makes a distinction between being born again and being able to perceive there is a kingdom of God. What is it that opens our eyes? Jesus’ ministry and teachings were about the kingdom of God and lost people cannot perceive this internal realm. The Kingdom is an environment where individuals willfully submit to the Lordship of Jesus and personally connect with God in their heart, whereby they experience the resources of heaven.

Week 5:Who Is Controlling My Life

The good news of the message of the kingdom of God is that nobody outside you is in control of your life.To learn more about this new series and our special offer,

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One of the most destructive beliefs in the world spiritually is that God is in control of everything. Jews incorporated their pagan beliefs in with what God said. The moment you become fearful or unwilling to make decisions about the quality of your life, now you have succumbed to being a victim. The golden thread through all the teachings of Jesus is the thread of personal responsibility. Every one of Jesus’ parables teaches us to make choices that will always guarantee a good outcome.

Week 2: Hitting The Mark

God’s goal is that we live in the Kingdom with such an incredible quality of life that we influence and touch the lives of others.

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We fall short of how good God is when holding to our own reality; therefore, we can’t go through that portal of our heart and enter this realm where we realize all the resources of God are right here for us. If God’s goal is not our goal then we will never hit that target. When you make this your goal: “I am going to live in this Kingdom realm and enjoy the goodness of God and then pour that out on the world around me,” then that path you walk will take you ultimately to use the keys of the Kingdom and find everything you need.

Week 4: The Message Of The Kingdom

The message of the Kingdom is what Jesus has done for us and whether we believe His teachings. To learn more about this new series and our special offer,

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My first priority after being born again is to seek the Kingdom and His righteousness. Jesus’ whole message was about how to enter the kingdom of God and experience the resources of heaven. When Jesus taught the principles of the Kingdom, He was not telling us how to be born again. He was telling us that if we want to live in righteousness, this is what it would look like. When we take His yoke – accepting His teachings, making Him Lord, and applying the Word of God in love – we will find rest.

Keys of the Kingdom: The Authority to Establish Heaven on Earth

Keys of the Kingdom reveals Jesus’ process for making the inheritance manifest in our lives. The second edition in a trilogy about the Kingdom, this book deals more specifically with how to have heaven on earth!

This book will unravel the mysteries of the Keys of the Kingdom and how to use them. Jesus will be put back in the center of our faith because everything taught is based on his example, and His resurrection. We will finally know how and why Jesus could do what He did and what that means about our ability to follow in His path. 

Keys of the Kingdom takes the believer straight to a faith-based application, which leads to an experiential reality of God’s truth and love! The faith-based application of His truth will harmonize us with His goodness, making it a reality in our life experience.

Keys of the Kingdom will be either: 

  1. The most significant freeing experience in your walk as a believer
  2. Some of the most challenging truths you’ve ever experienced, or
  3.  A mixture of both.

Understanding the truths of the Keys of the Kingdom and putting them into practice will make a monumental difference in your capacity to establish heaven on earth!