Use your past successes in faith to encourage you through the times of discouragement!Idealism has led us to conclude: either I have faith or I don’t. From that perspective, many people have thrown away the areas where they trust God because of the areas where they don’t.

First and foremost we must remember: faith starts with knowing and trusting the character and nature of God before it moves to trusting God for the individual promises. Starting with what we believe about God, in general, may help us understand the underlying reason why we struggle in individual areas. But if your general sense of God is: He is good and only good; He never hurts me or brings pain into my life; He is exactly as Jesus revealed Him to be; since I am in Christ I am free from all the curses, and have been given all the promises, then you have a foundation upon which you can build immovable faith!

We all have areas where it is easy to believe God’s promises. That comes from what we were taught about that area of life, our culture, what we experienced as children, and what we have been influenced to believe. There may be no way to know why it’s easy to believe in some areas. Celebrate the areas where you know you believe. Let that encourage you to expand your trust into other areas of your life.

When you are struggling in an area, think of the areas that work for you. Use your past successes in faith to encourage you through the times of discouragement! Mediate, by imagining yourself having victories in those areas where you are now weak or struggling!

JOIN ME this week and let’s expand the areas where you can become unshakable in your faith!