Trusting or not trusting God is at the heart of every struggle and every victory. “The just live by faith” (Romans 1:17). Faith is simply trusting God enough to rely on Him and follow His direction. Anything we trust and rely on more than God and His Word is evil to us.

Many believers think money is evil. Even Jesus’ disciples thought He said the-love-of-money-is-the-root-of-all-evilmoney was evil, until He explained it is putting trust in money that is evil, (Matthew 10:23-25). We have a tendency to trust God for spiritual things, but when it comes to daily life we trust other things, things that are not evil of themselves, but become evil to us. They become our source!

Freedom = Responsibility

Today millions of believers voted, as they should have. The freedom to vote brings the responsibility to vote and to choose wisely. Even if I disagree with other people’s choices, I always want them to exercise their freedom and responsibility. According to some research, the last presidential election was actually determined by those who decided not to vote because they didn’t like the options.

For too many believers in both parties, this election has become evil to them. Far too many believers are voting thinking their candidate can solve the problems we face as a nation and society. Their hope for peace, prosperity and freedom is in their candidate.

We Already Know How This Will End

The truth is, it doesn’t matter which candidate wins; the Bible has already told us how this all ends. One candidate may hasten the coming destruction, the other may postpone it, but neither will stop it. Sadly, it seems that whether we have a lot of time or little time; believers have no desire to spend that time taking the Gospel of the Kingdom to the ends of the earth, which is the only real solution.

Poverty will not end through government assistance. Poverty will end by teaching people who they are in Jesus, building self-worth and Kingdom values. Corruption will not end by passing more laws. In fact, the Bible and historical wisdom tell us more laws always bring more wickedness. Immorality, human trafficking, murder and theft will not be solved in courtrooms; it will be solved when men have righteousness in their hearts! To those who believe the government can do what only the gospel can do, this whole process is a corruption of their heart.

The Great Commission? It’s Still In Effect

When is the last time you were as passionate about winning someone to Jesus as you were about voting? When is the last time you held the promises of God in as high importance as you did the campaign issues? Have you ever been as vocal about Jesus as you were your candidate?

I’m not saying these things to condemn anyone. I’m saying this to say we can’t let the future equal the past! Whether you believe Jesus is coming or has already come, what matters is: Who will you influence to walk with God? Will you introduce the poor to a handout with or without the Gospel? Do you trust in government programs as man’s solutions more than Jesus’ promises? Do you believe education can change a heart more than faith in Jesus?

The Bible tells us to redeem the time! So we all must ask ourselves, “Regardless of who wins the election, what will I do with the time we have? Will I use my time, energy and finances as a political activist or a promoter of the Gospel?”

Last Call: A Hurting World Can’t Wait!

The church has traditionally only stepped up to trust God when government is completely corrupt and oppressive, when they are persecuted or have no more options. Is that what it will take for the American church to wake up? The world around us is hurting and if history has proven anything; no government has ever met the needs of man on any serious level unless it accomplished their political agenda. Let’s use the time we have left, regardless of who wins, to bring the people we love to Jesus, reach the ends of the earth and change our world by changing hearts.