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November 2016 World Changer Letter

I’m doing something this month that I don’t think I’ve ever done. This month I’m sending the same letter to our World Changers as I am to our entire mailing list. This is a lengthy read but it’s essential to our times. When you watch this month’s World Changers Message you’ll understand more about why this is so crucial.

This may be a challenging read for some of you based on your political ideology, but if we intend to follow Jesus as Lord, hear and recognize the voice of the Holy Spirit, avoid deception and follow Him as an overcomer we must all be ready to give up any idea, philosophy or thought that isn’t based on God’s Word.

There are some things we must remember: Jesus’ primary warning was against deception. The biblical type for the antichrist and his kingdom is Nimrod and Babel. Nimrod wasn’t just a religious leader, he was a political-religious leader. Most of the Church is looking in the wrong direction for the appearance of the antichrist, the false prophet and his false religion.

What’s worse is that few Christians have any idea of the identity or role of the Great Harlot. The Great Harlot is what facilitates the rise of the antichrist to power. The Harlot, according to the Book of Revelation, dominates the beast (antichrist) until he becomes powerful enough to overthrow her.

The Harlot produces the worldwide deception that blinds the eyes of the nations to the true intentions of the antichrist. Scriptural ignorance, a party spirit, lack of understanding the principles of the Kingdom of God and blindness of the hearts of millions of Christians worldwide will support and encourage the deception of the Harlot in the same way liberal and moderate Christians helped Hitler come to power and supported the rise of Communism in Europe.

But here is the wisdom of the Spirit: the spirit of prophecy is the testimony of Jesus. We only need to educate ourselves of the deception, that can’t become our focus. Our focus must be the testimony of Jesus. Our focus needs to be on the fact that He is returning as Lord and we shall rule and reign with Him.

I trust the article I’m sending you will be a blessing. Keep in mind, this isn’t about Republicans or Democrats; this is about Jesus as Lord!
Your generous giving is making it possible for us to equip millions of people around the world who will play a role in winning the world to Jesus, seeing God as He is, and hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit to live as overcomers!

Together we are changing the way the world sees God!