Quote for Blog - 032916Knowing and sensing our new identity is absolutely crucial for making this journey and always remaining in the place of grace, the place where it’s easy and light! When we lack a sense of our identity in Christ we find ourselves simply trying hard to do and be what we must do and be. That is a horrible way to live and it always results with living in the flesh (our own strength) and usually leads to religious legalism.

Since our identity is rooted in our heart, when we experience ourselves as in Christ we gain the strength to live as Christ lived. In my series, Freedom from Emotional Debt, I want to help you free yourself from the identity that is based on all your life’s experiences. I want to help you see and experience yourself “hid in Christ, in God.

Anything we believe in our heart alters our identity, our self-perception to that belief. Therefore, to live like the person you believe yourself to be requires no effort at all. That’s the root of the struggle faced by millions of believers. They read what the Bible says and have intellectual understanding of how they should live. Since they don’t experience themselves as one with Christ they always struggle against the identity they hold in their heart. With great effort they try to be who the Bible says they should be, so they are always struggling with their own heart and mind. Join me in Impact CyberChurch and let’s discover how all of this changes with Healing the Broken Heart.