Quote for Blog - 041216When God speaks, He speaks in your heart and it’s sensed more as an intuitive voice or direction; then, we put words to that intuition. Based on your life’s experiences you may be more or less sensitive to the inner witness, but this is something anyone can develop as they walk with God.

The starting place for learning to hear the voice of God is reading and meditating on His Word. His Word is light and illumination and understanding. When we have renewed our mind with the Word of God we have an immediate filter to recognize the difference between our own imagination and the voice of God. If, however, you have a broken heart you will always have difficulty hearing and trusting the voice of God. Freedom from Emotional Debt is your first step toward wholeness and the capacity to hear and recognize God!

Join me this week in Impact CyberChurch as I share, The Restoration of the Soul, an intimate expression of how your Shepherd, the Lover of your soul, is fully committed to healing your every hurt, making you whole and launching you into the best life possible.