Quote for Blog - 060116Our heart, which is comprised of both Spirit and soul, is the only reflection of our sense of identity. The voice of the heart is the conscience. The Greek word for “conscience” means “co-perception.” The idea is you have two views of everything: how your spirit which is aligned with God sees it, and how your soul/mind/intellect see it.

Those who waver have usually failed to renew their mind to bring their thoughts, feelings and opinions into harmony with God’s opinion; therefore, the conscience isn’t single, healthy or whole. You recognize it by that uncomfortable feeling that some people think is the Holy Spirit making you feel bad about your failures. The truth is, it’s your righteous nature/spirit in conflict with your carnal mind/personal opinion. We shift from one to the other. James points out that this wavering makes it impossible for us to receive/take hold of anything from God.

This week in CyberChurch I’ll share Faith in the Heart where you’ll learn to bring the voice of your conscience into harmony. When your heart is single, i.e. your spirit and your soul agree, you’ll never waver.

The spiritual mind focuses attention on what God’s Word says and the carnal mind focuses its attention on what the circumstances say. The carnal mind always leads to death, loss and destruction, but the spiritual mind always leads to life and peace.

For a great series to help renew your mind check out Miraculous Probabilities: The Science of Faith! It will help eradicate some of your doubts by showing the congruence between science and the Bible.