Quote for Blog - 052416God uses His Word and His Spirit to cause us to grow. Unfortunately, we tend to recognize our need to listen and be taught when we are in trouble. God delivers us from trouble, some good comes into our lives and we ignorantly say, “See, God sent this problem so my husband would get saved.” That’s like thinking because there are always fire trucks present when houses burn firemen must start the fire!

When trouble comes God is always there to help. In fact, He was there before trouble came to prevent it; we simply weren’t listening. So many circumstances in our life involve other people. Since God can’t force anyone to do anything it often takes time to work details out, thus the need for patience. This week in Faith and Patience I’ll help you move another step toward patience so you’ll always endure until you receive.

In the process of leading us through our challenges we learn so very much. We learn to believe and not give up and that God is always faithful and always has a plan.  We even learn to value patience. After all, the Bible doesn’t say let suffering have its perfect work; it says let patience have its perfect work. Then we’ll be perfect and entire, lacking nothing.

Growing in your faith can cause you to grow in patience. Miraculous Probabilities: The Science of Faith will help you make this journey toward a perfect faith that always believes until it receives.