Connecting to The Life of God

1. The Place of Exchange

God always seeks to protect us from harm. Since we are free-will beings, He cannot force His protection on us. There are two primary things that make it possible to experience God’s protection: first, we must be vigilant. When we see or sense trouble, turning to Him should be our first option. Next, we run to Him. We are not running to Him just as a place to hide. When we run to Him we reconnect to His heart and harmonize with His truth. Then His wisdom becomes ours and His strength replaces our weakness. Join me this week to discover new realities in running to God for protection.

2. The Path of Peace

One of the most anticipated and celebrated rituals of the Old Covenant was the peace offering. This celebration occurred when the worshiper had made peace with God by dealing with his or her guilty conscience. Today we have that peace through Jesus. Yet, the Bible defines a very specific process whereby we experience that peace. Join me this week to examine the path of peace. Discover the secrets of allowing peace to rule in your heart.

3. The Blood of Jesus

The blood of Jesus is for more than washing us clean at salvation. The Bible teaches that faith in the blood of Jesus is the solution for a defiled conscience. Sometimes our heart condemns us, sometimes we know issues that need to be dealt with, but the Bible actually teaches how we can deal with a defiled conscience: the vague sense of distance from God, or the feeling that something just isn’t right. Join me this week and look at what the blood of Jesus did so you could have a clear conscience! A violated conscience cannot receive all that God is freely offering.

4. Faith and Grace: First to Last

The Bible teaches that every aspect of our connection to God is faith and grace. It starts with faith and grace, and every step along the path of this journey is faith and grace. Faith and grace are in no way opposing one another. In fact, either one is meaningless without the other. Join me this week and discover great insights that will make your journey with God easy and light as we explore Faith and Grace: First to Last!