7. The Beginning Of Justice
Everyone wants to be treated fairly, but we want to define fairness based on our own personal perspective. We feel like victims, but never go back and look at how we got where we are. We choose to blame others Instead of taking personal responsibility for our problems.

The justice we need in our world today doesn’t come from any type of legislation, but from the hearts of people who love righteousness. Unfortunately, most believers have little knowledge of what righteousness is and that righteousness in our hearts is the beginning of justice. We can’t have justice in our world if we aren’t applying it in our own hearts.

The Commandments were given to show us how to treat others and should be our “signposts” for walking in love. When we choose not to use the Word of God as our reference for how to treat people, we come up with our own subjective definitions of fairness that only benefit us personally, not the other person. Every Commandment that tells us how we should treat others is an instruction showing us how God desires to treat each one of us. When we love righteousness we seek to harmonize our character with God’s. We align ourselves (how we express love, manage our lives, treat other people) into harmony with God.

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