2. I Think I’m Nicer Than God
The cry of the world today is that there is injustice. Everything is unfair and slanted toward the white or the wealthy, this group or that group. The people setting buildings on fire, stealing, robbing, and killing other people all say they’re seeking justice. The problem is in how you define justice. One of the primary characteristics God conveys about Himself in Scripture is justice. He is just (Ps 7:11). He is fair and equitable, and He always seeks for justice to prevail in human interaction.

The Book of Job is probably the most misquoted book of the entire Bible, not because people quote the Scriptures wrong, but because the Scriptures are taken out of context. They always quote the foolishness that Job and his friends said, not what God said. In Job 40:8, God asked one of the most critical questions in the entire book: “Will you indeed annul my judgment, and would you condemn me that you might be justified and appear to be the righteous one.” This is what the whole world is doing.

But you can have peace in your life no matter what everybody else is doing. You can live in justice, treat people fairly, and reap the benefits of that in your relationships. Everything God has ever said, all of His commandments, are based on walking in love. God will show you how to walk in love, how to be just and fair. He will show us how to have peace and bring peace to our nation and the world.

If you’re interested in finding out how fair, just, kind, and loving God is, watch this week’s CyberChurch message, “I Think I’m Nicer Than God.”

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