1. The End Is Not Yet
One of the most important aspects of God’s character is Justice. Eight of the Ten Commandments were about treating one another with love, respect, and value. When Israel entered Canaan, the Ten Commandments were expanded into a code of justice, based on the love of God.

God’s system of justice was revolutionary. It provided protection and rights for women, slaves, servants, and immigrants. It abolished ancient codes allowing unjust vengeance. It was a marvel to the ancient world. If the Israelites had continued in that code of justice, the world would have seen God as He is!

The world is exploding with hatred and violence under the guise of social justice. However, those who are supposedly seeking social justice are unjustly destroying the lives of the innocent, the poor, and the helpless.

In this series, you will discover how God’s plan for social justice can bring peace to the world. It will open your eyes to the depths of God’s love, compassion, and patience. You will discover new insights into the goodness of God. What’s happening right now is not the end of the world, but unless the Church stands up and declares God’s justice, it will be the end of our freedom!

This is the solution for our nation and the world!

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