1. A Curse And A Blessing
In the English translations, there are many times the Bible says God caused something horrific to happen. These translations are much of what contributes to our misunderstanding of God and especially the Old Testament. In the Hebrew language, it is very clear that God didn’t cause the problem; it was, in fact, people’s reaction to something God had said or done. The rapture will be one of the most wonderful events that have occurred since the resurrection of Jesus. For the Bride of Christ, it will be a cause for praise, worship, thanksgiving, and rejoicing. However, this incredible blessing will be a curse for the rest of the world. Why? Their reaction will be based on their rage against God! Join me this week as I begin a new series, “The Morning After.” We will explore the catastrophic events that will begin to happen the morning after the rapture and everything we can do to prepare to depart!
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